Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drug Courts Are Coming...Maybe

Bell County is working towards establishing a Drug Court to handle non-violent drug offenders. Texas counties were forced into creating them by the state threatening to withold probation funding if they didn't.

Nonviolent drug offenders, or those who committed crimes under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances, will be screened initially, then evaluated to determine the severity of their condition.

Those with severe addictions will be admitted to treatment facilities. Less severe cases will be geared toward drug education.

The program's goal is to keep drug offenders out of the criminal justice system, and administer adequate treatment for addictions, Jermstad said. It is geared toward people who have failed other substance abuse programs. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

This is probably a good first step. Incarceration without treatment is not stopping drug offenders. While many drug offenders will reoffend even with treatment, virtually all will reoffend without it.

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