Friday, May 29, 2009

Drive By Shooting In Killeen

A Killeen teen was wounded in a drive by shooting Wednesday.
Killeen police responded to a drive-by shooting at a fourplex in the 3900 block of Gus Drive at 9:14 p.m., a police report stated. A dark-colored vehicle, possibly a Kia Sephia, stopped in the street in front of the fourplex and the occupants used a shotgun loaded with buckshot to shoot a teen who was outside, said Carroll Smith, Killeen police spokeswoman.

The man, who had non-life-threatening injuries, drove himself to the hospital.

A woman, who declined to be named, said a man in a silver sports car drove up to the apartment, slowed the car, revved the engine and unloaded between nine and 12 rounds from a shotgun in the direction of an apartment, causing a group of men outside to scatter inside the apartment...

..."It's a bad area. It wasn't bad when I moved here a year ago," the woman said. "We're leaving as fast as our legs can carry us."

Neighbors, who for safety reasons declined to be named, said the shooting was the eighth incident in the area in two weeks, including five incidents of gunshots being fired along Gus Drive and two fights; another incident involved someone walking up with a gun, but the person did not fire.

Anyone with information on the vehicle or the driver in this incident should call KPD at (254) 501-8800. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

Nothing like random violence to really spruce up a neighborhood.

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