Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Border Corruption

STRATFOR has an interesting article comparing recent drug cartel corruption along the US/Mexican border and cold war spying.
In fact, the sophistication of these groups means they use methods more akin to the intelligence recruitment processes used by foreign intelligence services than those normally associated with a criminal organization. The cartels are known to conduct extensive surveillance and background checks on potential targets to determine how to best pitch to them. Like the spotting methods used by intelligence agencies, the surveillance conducted by the cartels on potential targets is designed to glean as many details about the target as possible, including where they live, what vehicles they drive, who their family members are, their financial needs and their peccadilloes. Source: STRATFOR.com

I don't doubt this is only going to get worse. There is too much money to be made by the cartels. Maybe it's time to work towards an effective drug control strategy because I'm not sure our current one is working.

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