Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bad Dog

Killeen now has a new ordinance to enforce after the City Council approved changes to the City's Animal Control ordinance to ban tethering dogs.
The City Council unanimously approved a change to animal control policy to ban tethering, a practice considered by many to breed aggression in dogs.

Councilman Larry Cole, animal advisory committee chairman, believes the law, which follows a similar law at Fort Hood, will decrease aggression in animals and make residents safer when they walk the streets.

"Tethering causes more aggressive animals and we want to alleviate that aggression as much as possible," Cole said.

Cole said tethering also endangers animals because they can become tied up and strangled in the tethers.

A violation of the tethering law will be a class C misdemeanor with up to a $200 fine, said Kathy Davis, city attorney.

Tethering violations will be enforced by complaints and when animal control officers discover them on patrol, Cole said.

The ordinance is not breed-specific, but is largely aimed at pit bulls. The tethering ordinance is the last part of the city's revamped animal control policy. Source: Killeen Daily Herald

What's a person to do if they can't have their pit bull chained to the front of their trailer home?

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