Friday, May 15, 2009

ATF Cracking Down On Straw Purchases

A recent case in Austin highlights the fight against the flow of guns from the U.S. to Mexico.
The surveillance video showed two women leaving Cabela's in Buda and handing three guns they had just bought to a man, who then put the guns in the trunk of his black Lexus, according to a federal criminal complaint.

The purchase and handoff in November piqued the suspicions of Cabela's employees, who alerted federal firearms agents.

According to court documents, the agents soon identified the man as Humberto Fernandez, 47, who splits time between Mexico and the Austin area and who in recent years has enlisted help in purchasing dozens of guns to ship south of the border.

Last week, Fernandez, who has been arrested, and five of his so-called "straw buyers" were indicted in federal court in Austin on firearms conspiracy and other charges. His lawyer declined to comment. Source: Austin American Statesman

I know it gets the NRA's dander up to talk about gun laws, but it is very important to work to stem the illegal flow of firearms to Mexico.

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