Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2002 Killeen Student Death Makes Headlines

USA Today is running a story on the controversy over "restraint holds" being used on students. Much of the story includes details of the 2002 death of a Killeen student whose teacher restrained him in a manner that caused his death.
Toni Price was at work that afternoon in 2002 when she got the call from her foster son Cedric's eighth-grade teacher: Paramedics were at his middle school in Killeen, Texas. Cedric wasn't breathing.

When Price arrived at school, there he was, lying on the floor. "I'm thinking he's just laying there because he didn't want to get in trouble," she says, fighting back tears.

Actually, Cedric was dead.

A 14-year-old special-education student who'd arrived at the school with a history of abuse and neglect, Cedric had been taken from his home five years earlier with his siblings.

He'd just been smothered by his teacher, police said, after she placed him in a "therapeutic floor hold" to keep him from struggling during a disagreement over lunch. Source: USA Today
This topic is making headlines in a number of national news outlets in recent days.

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